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Relationship Building – Your Staff & Customers

Last month we talked about building your customer base by offering good customer service. Now that you know how to build your client base, how do you keep it a float? It’s called relationship building. Regardless of the industry, here are a few key tips to consider following, but it starts with your staff:

  • ·         Spend time with your staff and make them feel as important as your customers
  • ·         Invest in your staff. Not all businesses classes or courses to help improve your bottom line cost money. Visit with your library to review free business classes and check with your local Chamber. Chambers have a wealth of information to share with you. Statistics show, businesses lose more money rehiring to fill positions vs. training the people you currently have with the skills and knowledge they need to do the job.
  • ·         Help your staff learn more about their job and responsibilities based on their talents. When you hired your staff, you knew they had the talent to do at least three fourths of their job and they would excel and be successful in their tasks because you hired them for particular skills. The other fourth of their job, well, someone has to do it but what they love doing will outweigh the part they don’t like to do!
  • ·         We know the customer isn’t always right but the goal is to make every customer feel as if they are correct. When a mistake happens or an irate customer comes your way, it’s important to think logically and not emotionally. Sometimes we feel as if customers are attacking us and they don’t care what type of day we’ve had. It will be more important not to let your feelings get in the way.  Switch gears and work with only the facts to correct or address the situation. Most important, smile and don’t forget your “thank you!”
  • ·         When you have a great month, celebrate with your staff!  Plan to plan and celebrate not only big accomplishments, but the little ones as well that got you to the big one!
  • ·         Did you know most companies who are successful know that the best benefit you can give your employee is implementing “their” idea(s)? Involve your staff in the growth of your company. They are in the forefront and know what works and what doesn’t. So invite them to the table when you have meetings to contribute or stage an “idea” contest. Not only will you benefit from this approach but the atmosphere in the company/store will be exciting and contagious!

Bottom line: A happy place makes for happy employees which make for happy customers which make for more profits!!!



·         Are you a Member of the Aztec Chamber of Commerce? Does your company need help with marketing, advertising, and social media ideas? Are you paying too much for coping services? Do you need an avenue to network your programs, products, or services? Do you seek help in accounting, marketing, insurance, or just need to know what is taking place in the Four Corners to help move your business forward? Join the Aztec Chamber of Commerce!  Contact us to learn more at (505) 334-7646.

·         We learned much about security at a business last month. Did you miss this valuable information by Sgt. Joe Gonzalez, Aztec Police Department? Don’t miss the next Business Chamber Luncheon – Thursday, October 15, Noon

·         Safe Treats for Halloween in downtown Aztec – October 30. Visit our website to learn more about Safe Treats and a safe fun even for your kids!

·         Want to pass your business card out to tell more people about your programs, products, and services? Visit our website to learn about our next Business After Hours on Thursday, October 29.

·         Aztec Sparkles, Aztec, New Mexico’s Holiday Event is around the corner. Interested in joining the committee to volunteer your talents? Call the Chamber at (505) 334-7646 to lend us your gifts and talents!


·         We are steps closer to the creation of the HUB/Incubator, a partnership with the Aztec Chamber of Commerce, San Juan College and the City of Aztec. The HUB will be “your business center” for meeting and office needs, resources to grow your business, and more for Chamber Members and Businesses in the Four Corners. 

Check out the Events Calendar link on the left side of this webpage for Community Events.


EMV  Credit/Debit Card October 2015 Deadline 

If you are a merchant that accepts credit cards and debit cards to sell your programs, products, and/or services, changes for this payment process are right around the corner. Are you familiar with the liability that may occur in the switch that is expected to take place October 2015? 

You can read the latest informational articles on EMV changes here: 


Have questions or comments, or need to contact the Aztec Chamber of Commerce? You can do so by calling 505-334-7646 or emailing us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Written by Vangie Garza Neil

Writer/Neil Agency Auctioneers

Vice President, Aztec Chamber of Commerce


The Aztec Chamber of Commerce is not part of the City of Aztec. The Chamber does not receive funding from the City of Aztec with the exception of their annual membership. The work we do and its support is based solely on your chamber membership dues and the Chamber’s fundraising events. We felt it was important for you to know that as our role is to be your voice in so many levels.

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Chamber of Commerce:
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